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Have you ever seen a great movie and wished you could share that experience with friends and family that lived far away? How about going on a karaoke date with a loved one who is out on business miles away? Have you ever watched a TV show where people discussed the latest technology or current events, and wished you could participate? How about going on stage and trying your luck as a comedian without worry of much of the anxiety? All of this and more is possible with Riftmax!

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Create VR Experiences, Share them Instantly

A Theater Fueled by Your Imagination

Create your own unique VR experiences and share them with others, all in one sitting. The Experience Creator makes it easy for people of all experience levels to create VR experiences and sequences for others to enjoy. Enhance videos with real effects that come out of the screen and surround your guests. Or choose from the many featured experiences that are ready to go at any time!